Your mobile is your wallet

Your leather wallet never charged you fees, and neither should your Bitcoin wallet.

EI8HT® makes transacting easy, whether you’re sending or receiving, and the control always remains in your hands – you can recover or reinstall your wallet at any time, even with other software!

All you need is your 12 word mnemonic.

You no longer need a bank to hold your money!

Bitcoin is open-source digital value, by the people, for the people.

Bitcoin is an open payment network that operates independent of companies, countries and governments - a digital currency that can be purchased with any national currency and traded with anyone else who has a bitcoin wallet - software that anyone can download in seconds.

It is to money as email was to the postal service. Say hello to faster, more efficient and less expensive financial management.

Better still, it puts you back in control of your money and cuts out the double handling.

How does it actually work?

With intuitive functions and beautiful design, EI8HT allows you to receive, store and tender Bitcoins from your mobile.

By accessing your balance on the blockchain (a public register every transaction within the Bitcoin network) you’re able to make and receive secure payments.

Discover just how simple we make managing your money by creating your wallet right now.

How safe is it really?

We don’t hold any of your Bitcoins, so even if our platform is targeted, your funds are completely safe.

The only way to access your account is through your own unique secure recovery mechanism – a mnemonic passphrase that we recommend you save in a safe place.

Talk tech to me

In case you’re looking for some juicy tech to sink your teeth into, EI8HT

  • 1Uses optimized data-driven APIs to reduce excess data usage and never compromising on your privacy
  • 2Ensures all user metadata and private keys are stored solely and securely on the users device
  • 3Uses the BIP32 standard to deterministically generate addresses, avoiding address re-use and adhering to best practice
  • 4Uses the BIP39 standard for the generation of the mnemonic passphrase, providing the ability to recover your wallet using other compatibile software
  • 5Limits pin requests as an additional security measure against device compromise
  • 6Developed by lead developers in the open-source Bitcoin community

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